Google Classroom adds analytics

Google has updated its learning management system (LMS), Google Classroom, with new features for differentiated instruction, management of student work and analytics.

As a result of the update, teachers will be able to share assignments, questions or posts with an individual student, a small group or the entire classroom in a move designed to make it easier to differentiate instruction based on individual student needs.

For administrators, the new update will bring Classroom data to Admin Console Reports. Administrator users will now be able to see Classroom metrics on usage, how many posts are being created overall or by individual users.

The company has also updated the Classroom API to improve integrations with other tools, allowing them to “programmatically add materials to coursework or student submissions and can modify existing coursework they’ve created,” according to information released by Google.

More information about that investigation is available at

Library Statistics Standards and Support

Libraries spend considerable amounts of money licensing different types of online content to support their users’ needs. User activity, in relation to this content, needs to be continually assessed to ensure that this money is spent as productively as possible.

COUNTER sets and maintains the standard known as the Code of Practice and ensures that publishers and vendors submit annually to a rigorous independent audit. This ensures that librarians are able to compare usage statistics from different vendors; derive useful metrics such as cost-per-use; make better-informed purchasing decisions; and plan infrastructure more effectively.

Libraries and library consortia are invited to support COUNTER by joining as a member.

Usus  is a community website on library usage, supported by COUNTER.

The Status of Data Education in 2016

Tableau conducted to catalogue the state of analytics education in the United States. In addition to providing a comprehensive listing of analytics programs, this study explores questions such as:

  • How accessible is analytics education to American college students?
  • Where do gaps in analytics programs remain?
  • How are analytics programs adapting to meet changing demands?

Download the full report to see how your institution stacks up.

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice

The Canadian journal Evidence Based Library and Information Practice shares research that informs professional library practice. The winter 2016 issue ( exemplifies this mission, having several data-based articles:

Amy Jo Catalano , Sharon Rose Phillips

Identifying and Classifying User Typologies Within a United Kingdom Hospital Library Setting: A Case Study

Alison Ambi , Pamela Morgan , Erin Alcock , Amanda Tiller-Hackett

Lynn Easton , Scott Adam , Trish Durnan , Lorraine McLeod

Free Data Science and Statistics Books

An archive of all O’Reilly data ebooks is available at for free download. Dive deep into the latest in data science and big data, compiled by O’Reilly editors, authors, and Strata speakers.

Here is a collection of a few excellent (and free!) statistics eBooks for your Kindle. Read more at